“But forget all that…”

“But forget all that…”

This is a quote from a passage of scripture in Isaiah that I have had on my heart for the last few months. Over the next few days I am going to break down these verses and share what God has been saying to me. Let’s start with the above quote.

As God is speaking He declares the above four words in the middle of a discourse to the children of Israel reminding them of all the GOOD things that He has done. He got them out of Egypt, completely supernaturally, but as He is reminding them of His greatness he says, “But forget all that…”

In Christian circles we generally want to forget the bad, the sin, the past but God here is telling His people to forget the GREAT that He has done. Why is he doing this? He answers very simply, “it is NOTHING compared to what I am going to do!”

What do you have to forget to allow God to do something new in your life? Is it all the good or is it all the bad? I don’t think it really matters but you must not allow yourself to hold onto things that will prevent God moving in your life today. You have more to do with God being involved in your circumstances than He does…

You Heavenly Father loves to move on your behalf, He wants to be involved. He wants to do something NEW in your life today! He has already provided us the all things that pertain unto life and godliness. He has already blessed us spiritual blessings. He has already sent His only Son to die on the cross. He has already done so much for you and I. Let Him do what He needs to do in your life today! 

By faith declare the Word of God. Hook up with what He is saying about your life right now. Declare that ‘He always causes me to TRIUMPH!’ Declare your healing. Declare God’s provision. Now let God do what only He can do and that is something NEW today in your life!

Isaiah 43:18, 2 Peter 1:3, Ephesians 1:3

Oh, the blood of Jesus…

Oh, the blood of Jesus…

Today is the first Sunday of the month where many churches will partake of communion. We will be remembering what Jesus did at Calvary and remembering the sacrifice He made to die for the sins of the world.

The blood of Jesus is so powerful. It is so precious. It is the cleansing power of the believer. It has washed us clean, pure as snow. It has provided healing for our bodies and protection against all our enemies. It is the sign of the New Covenant. It is the connection to heaven that buys us into the holy family. We are connected to our Heavenly Father, to heaven and life eternal. The blood of Jesus is the symbol of everlasting love of a creator God to His family.

Today, if you have communion with your church family, don’t just eat the bread and drink the wine and move on. Eat, drink knowing that over 2000 years ago a man arrived on this earth to die for you. He died and paid a price that you could never pay. He transformed your future and made sure that mankind could return to his eternal purpose.

Jesus died for you and me. He died for the whole world. Let’s make sure we never take this for granted. Let’s share our faith with those around us. Let us never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. It was paid for by the most precious of a price, the very life of a man.

The Fire.

I want the fire of God. I want to be consumed by His fire, His glory burning in my heart, His passion forming my thoughts and my actions.

The fire of God is missing from the church. The church has become dry and barren. If not dry, wet. A wet blanket in the midst of a world that is desperately crying out for something that works. Nothing is working in the world…

Jesus came to baptise His church with His Holy Ghost and FIRE! Jesus never wanted a lukewarm and useless body! He wants to manifest His presence. He wants us to carry His presence. He wants us to be burning ones. 

We are to have the Holy Ghost shut up in our very bones. The days of Elijah should be here. Our churches service should reflect a God that wants to move through His people and into the world. He wants His people to be effective and reaching the lost and dying ones.

Today, become that burning vessel. Become the answer to the world’s desperation. Live the Gospel. Share the Good News. Activate and use the power that lives on the inside of you.

How? Spend time with your Jesus. Let the Holy Ghost flow into your life. Be filled with Him. In your daily sing praises. Sing your heart out. Let the Spirit of God overflow you. He will light you up. Like a bonfire burn and never stop adding fuel! 

Ephesians 5:17-20