The Power of All.

All Grace.

All Sufficiency.

All Things.

All Bountifulness.

God’s grace abounds. We abound to every good work. We always have sufficiency. We are to be enriched in EVERYTHING. This passage of scripture in 2 Corinthians 9 is so powerful. I don’t know about you but I have been reading it for years and know that I still haven’t grasped the depths of it. When you realise the context of it is finances and giving that adds even more depth. Finances can be a difficult subject in the body of Christ but we all need money to live and to thrive. It is impossible to do the impossible without significant financial flow in our lives.

When we grasp the revelation in these verses, the power of ALL, and see what our Heavenly Father is trying to get into our hands it will take us to another level. I am not just talking about having more stuff. I don’t want to see another level of stuff in my life. We are never to seek stuff! We are to seek the kingdom! In fact, the result of ALL grace abounding to us is for us to ABOUND in good works!

Don’t get me wrong. The stuff you need has been already provided for you. God has said that ALL things that pertain unto life and godliness has been provided for you (how many things? ALL!). All our needs are provided for us in Christ Jesus, according to His riches and glory. Someone said, “I don’t talk to God about my needs, I talk to God about my wants!” 

Why is that so important? Your needs are dealing with things that God has said He’ll take care of. Your wants are dealing with vision, growth and expanding the kingdom. Your wants are not to satisfy your greed. Your wants need to line up with the Word of God, seeking the Kingdom of God. Attaching you desires to advancing the Kingdom are wants that God can hook up with!

If God said we can ask anything…I want to ask for souls. I want to ask for vision. I want to ask for wisdom to increase Kingdom business. I want to be able to declare the Good News of Jesus Christ in such away that reaches as many people as possible, on every platform and easily as I can. I want to inspire others and release others to be on fire for God. I want to see you achieving the goals and dreams that God puts in your heart. 

I want to activate and receive ALL grace that abounds to me so that I have ALL sufficiency in ALL things! I will not be short of ability, funds or seed! I will have the power of ALL working in my life!

Today, declare these verses over your life. Meditate on them. Do something about them. Be a generous giver and see what God Almighty will do in your life and how He will release you to reach souls for the Kingdom with a fresh fire in your life!

Towards us.

Towards us.

‘And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power.’
Ephesians 1:19

When God raised Jesus from the pit of Hell He used all the available power that was on hand to implement the greatest rescue mission in human history. It wasn’t a stealth mission. It was a mission that saw the might of the creator of heaven and earth explode into depths of enemy territory. Light eradicated darkness and publicly displayed the defeat of an enemy who was eternally crushed. 

I love that this version declares that the power God released in this display has also been released ‘towards us’. 

Remember, God is for us. His love, demonstrated in sending His Son, was aimed at mankind. Everything God has done was towards us. He is eternally reaching out towards a people that ignore and reject His Love. God wants to show us the way. He wants us to connect with us and to demonstrate His love, power and ability towards us.

Mankind’s is simply in rebellion. When a child says ‘no’ to his parents he is fighting against their will. When we step outside of following God’s Word we are leaving everything that God has done towards and substituting it for a lifestyle of rebellion. That will only ever lead to defeat, failure and eventually judgement.

The resurrection experience has placed us seated beside the Father in Jesus. We were placed their to reign. We are there to release into this earth a demonstration of everything God has for mankind.

Today, and in the coming days, be committed to operating in a revelation that sees you reigning in life. Reign over every situation as you step out in faith and declare what God has said in His Word. Declare victory over sickness. Declare financial success over every business dealing you have. Learn to live from a heaven mindset of complete and utter authority over everything and anything the enemy would try and influence you in!

The exceeding greatness of His power is towards you, for you and available in you. Use it. Develop a consciousness of it. Become a Christian who is used mightily of God because you recognise God’s power in you to change the world around you!

Move Forward.

Move Forward.

Each step I take is a step of faith. Each step, every day, needs to be a step of faith. A step that lines up with God’s plan for my life. A step that lines up with God’s Word.

Moving forward isn’t always easy. We see the end result in our hearts, we know where God is taking us but putting a foot forward seems like such hard work. The stars seemingly align above, all pointing to the direction our hearts are leading us but somehow the next steps seems cloudy. Our feet are shaking not know where to place our weight. The ground in front of us no longer seems to be there. What we thought was a sure thing left us doubting God ever talked to us in the first place!!

This is where faith, of the heart, is required. Notice, I did not say HEAD. We don’t need faith in our head. We need faith in our heart. Heart faith is where the victory lies. Heart faith is where the leading for any step will come. 

Where does heart faith come from? 

Heart faith is produced by the Word of God and the ignition of the Holy Spirit connecting with our born again spirit. It starts by hearing the Word. We hear what we say best, in other words, we believe our mouths more than anyone else’s. We must speak the Word to hear it. When we hear we can meditate it. Once meditated on for long enough the Word will enter our hearts like a seed. Continuing the process of speaking and meditating will water that seed. Soon your heart will produce a crop. The Holy Spirit will ignite your heart with a knowing and a blaze of fire. You will know that you know that you have heart faith. The conviction will be there.

Now you can move forward. You can step into the darkness knowing that there will be foundation beneath you feet. You have God’s Word in your heart and you have the leading of the Spirit. No one can talk you out of it. There is no doubt. You can run with a passion in your heart and a declaration in your mouth!

Confidence is a wonderful thing. Become confident in God’s Word. His Word is God, Himself, speaking to you. If God is speaking to you; you can believe it. Don’t allow any situation in your life to speak to you louder than the very Word God has spoken. 

The Word is powerful. The Word will move you forward. Let it become your driving force. The Spirit of God within you will lead you by that Word. 

Move forward today, wherever God is leading. 

Mark 11:22-24

Extraordinary Love.

Extraordinary Love. 

To be a true Christian you must be able to operate in extraordinary love. Why extraordinary love and not just ‘love’? 

Because the word ‘love’ is confusing. It is overused and under appreciated. We don’t really understand it. We don’t value it and we certainly don’t lean on it in a crisis. Our emotions, without an extraordinary love, will dictate to us and confuse us. 

“That person said they loved us…why did they act like that?’ Is a dominate feeling of this generation. We judge people by their actions and never by their intentions. The reverse is how we treat ourselves. 

Extraordinary love goes beyond the natural. It perceives intention. It allows for mistakes on a colossal level. It sees through a need. It sees into the spirit level of a situation and responds accordingly. 

Extraordinary love is compassion. It is never sympathy. It does not react with empathy alone. It is moved by insight. It cuts through the mess of people’s thinking. Extraordinary love is God ordained and will take any situation to victory. 

It is a decision. It follows Gods heart and his word on every matter. It is never ending and is never short sighted. It is not soft but is never harsh. Extraordinary love is God in us manifesting to every situation in our lives and in those around us. 

God’s love in us is the movement of faith. It is the oil that keeps an engine running. It is the cement that holds our foundation together. Faith only works by this extraordinary love. Faith is what pleases God. Faith is the victory propelled by extraordinary love. 

Whatever you are facing, and I mean whatever, allow the extraordinary love of God within you to bubble up. Deal with every person out of an overflow of that Love. Make a decision to never be moved by what you see or feel. Confess the Word knowing the very Spirit of extraordinary love is backing you. Without that Love you cannot function in the faith you desire but know this that the love of God is shed abroad in you heart! 

Let extraordinary love dominate your life today and tomorrow. Let it remove from you your past and let it open up a future full of possibilities and freedom! 

Romans 5

Coffee, Cake and Relationship

Coffee, Cake and Relationship

How many of us get overwhelmed by the need to spend ‘more time with God’? I know I do, guilt will creep in and, in fact, I will limit my time on purpose because I am ashamed by my lack of effort. Of course, I know that a relationship with God is not about religiously spending a set time reading my Bible but sometimes it certainly feels that way! If you are like me, or any of the other Christians our there, I hope I can help you today.

Yesterday was a ‘bad’ day for me. I was grumpy, miserable and plain old irritable. It wasn’t a major thing, I didn’t yell at my family or anything but I was off base. The real reason was that I had given out spiritually over the weekend and never took the time to fill back up. It is so important to stay full with God! So as the day wore in I finally decided to watch some Christian tv. Wait for it…I am getting to my point.

The tv minister said a few things that stuck with me and today I have realised something. Spending a set ‘time’ with God is saying that He is somewhere other than with you. Making an appointment to meet a friend for coffee means you can’t fellowship with them right now, until coffee. Now coffee and cake is great to catch up over, find out what has been going on and enjoy each other’s company but soon the time will be over and you won’t be fellowshipping with your friend any longer. Think about that in our context…

God said He would never leave us or forsake us. He filled us with His very Spirit and gave us His Word, written on our hearts. He is always with us, it is our consciousness of Him that needs to change. We are usually not as aware of Him as we are aware of the people around us. That is not how it should be. Smith Wigglesworth once said something on the lines of – ‘I never pray to God more than 15 minuets at a time but I never go without praying for more than 15 minutes!’

How awesome is that!! 

By me watching 10 minutes of an anointed message God was able to talk to me and continue talking to me the next day. His Word became alive in me. I am aware of Him communicating with me. He hasn’t left me, I just turned off my reception of Him and that affected how I felt and treated those around me! How different would it be if we maintained the right connection with God all the time?

Am I saying you shouldn’t spend dedicated time with God? No, of course not, but please don’t feel like you spending 10 minutes with God is what you need to sort your life out. Develop your relationship beyond that. Become ever aware of the God, creator of heaven and earth, living inside you…right now! What is He saying? How is He communicating? Let the words bubble from your inner man today and every day. If you do this your special ‘appointments’ with God will become less and less about you talking to Him and more about a relationship that is becoming ever more intimate. Think marriage. You can spend quality time with your wife all day if you want to but then you can spend ‘quality’ private time with her on a different level that goes beyond coffee and cake!

God loves you. His Spirit is in you. Fellowship with Him daily, minute by minute, hour by hour. We all can develop in this area so let’s determine to be God inside minded and conscious of His Spirit wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

A new thing.

“I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth…”

God is moving on the face of this planet. Things are afoot. You only have to follow politics, the weather, the news and you can see Jesus’ prophecies coming to pass. Wars and rumours of wars abound, etc, etc, etc.

I am so glad that I am a child of God. I am so glad I am the righteousness of God and that I am redeemed.

We spoke yesterday about forgetting the past and about letting things that are hindering you from experiencing God’s best go. Letting them pass into oblivion so that you can focus on what God is doing now…

These new things…where are they coming from? Well, like anything in the New Testament they will come from the inside out. We have a wellspring of salvation we can tap into. We have rivers of living water flowing out from our belly. That is where God will move in your life. He will first deal with your heart before anything can change on the outside.

“It shall spring forth…”

Movement, momentum, change on a molecular level can also cause friction. Any change will cause a shifting. Your life might start to experience some turbulence during change but know this if your heart is aligned with God and His word lives in you you will not only survive but you will thrive! God’s plan for you is success, abundance and prosperity in whatever He is leading you into. Allow the new thing in your life to spring forth. Let it bring change and a shift in your heart, mind set and circumstances.

Today, embrace the new. Allow the work of the Holy Spirit to cause an impact on your heart, your situation and to all those people around you that need it most!!

Isaiah 43